Lousy Parents Ruin Easter Egg Hunt

Last year, a few parents were unhappy that their kids were not finding as many eggs as some other snot-nosed kid, so they started hopping the ropes and going and grabbing the eggs themselves. Of course once other parents realized their kid was getting his egg taken by some big dopey parent, THEY hopped the

Home Is Where The Money Is

My Lady Friend and I started house hunting last week. We’re looking for a place to buy together. Right now we live in HER place. I still own the house I lived in before moving in with her, and am currently renting it out because trying to sell it in this crappy market would probably

I’m Making My Move

You know that old saying about a tree falling in the forest and no one there to hear it?  Well I have my own question: Question:  If a blogger intends to post a blog… but doesn’t actually do it…  does it deserve any readers? Answer:  No. I have been so freakin’ busy lately that I

Are You Single On Valentines Day? I’ve Got Your Back

Got your attention? Read on. I am happily involved with my Lady Friend. We have been dating more than three years now, living together for the last year and half or so. It is nice to have a Valentine. But before I met her I had my share of solo Valentines Days. I’d say from

I Suffer From Shrinkage

I hate doing laundry. It’s one of life’s real pains in the ass. Wait, is that right? Or is it pain in the asses. No, that’s not right… I only have one ass. And laundry is a pain in it. I put off doing it until the last possible day. When is that? When there

Can I Really Just Be Me?

I need some advice. No, I am not considering popping the question to the Lady Friend. We’re in a good place right now and are both happy with how things are. Why would we ruin with an actual commitment. (that’s a joke… especially if she is reading this) Oh, and marriage seems so expensive. I’m

Fun With The Pause Button

It’s no secret that I don’t claim to be some high brow kind of guy. I dig sports, beer and boobs. And farts make me chuckle. It is what it is. I’m a simple dude who is entertained by simple things. And one of those things is when you catch some dope on TV making

Snow Day Adventures

This weekend was interesting. No, I didn’t see the latest Twilight crap. I know lots of you enjoy those movies… but I refuse to see any of them. I’d rather spend two hours trying to eat my own foot. This weekend was interesting for weather reasons as Saturday kind of sucked here. It started snowing

I’m A Lucky Dude

I am a little behind on this, but wanted to give you all an update on how my Valentine’s Day celebrations went. In short, they went very well. Since the day itself fell on a Tuesday and as usual the Lady Friend and I had very busy weeks, we decided to save our celebrating for

My Least Favorite Person On Earth

His name is Scott Anetsberger, and he has become my newest, least favorite person on earth. I have a long history of having a least favorite person on earth. It’s a position that no one person is able to maintain for long because some other jackass usually comes along to claim the throne. Going all