An Aussie Trapped Me In My Cupboard

Attention Simpletons… As I mentioned yesterday we have a special treat for today. A very rare occurrence indeed… a Guest Post. So here she is… my favorite female Aussie! Whoo hoo, I am finally here on SD’s blog. I can tell you, it took some stalking, but I finally sweet talked my way into repaying

Random Thursday Thoughts

I have a few random thoughts to throw your way today – plus a pimp for my Sprocket Ink article this week. Occasionally I’ll throw out a Random Thought Thursday when I have some dumb ideas bumping around in my head that aren’t worthy of their own post….. I tweeted about this the other day…

Deep Fried Fantasies

If you have been reading my blog lately you know that the Minnesota State Fair is going on right now, and the company I work for has some booth space at the fair, so I get the pleasure am forced to work out there a handful of days throughout the Fair’s 12 day run. am