A Dude’s Weekend

How the hell are ya? It’s the weekend and I don’t have to work, so I’m going to be lazy. There is a pool in our complex and I may go chill out there for awhile since it’s going to be in the 90′s both days. Maybe I’ll scare the neighbors with a little Nude


Every once in a while I defer to my Lady Friend to write a blog post for me… partly because I am lazy and partly because she is funnier than I am. She should be writing her own blog, but she has very little free time between a full time job and taking classes at

An Unscratched Itch

I am not one to be shy about things. I say what I think and mean what I say. Sometimes this involves me sharing details about my life that other people would choose to keep to themselves. But I stopped worrying about what other people think a long time ago. One of the things I

A Cereal Dilemma

We have had our dog for nearly 5 months and I haven’t written much about her. And yet here she is showing up in back to back posts. But when I have a story, I have to share it. She likes to keep her identity secret as well, so her real name will not be

Know When To Pick Your Battles

I can admit to not being the cleanest or neatest person on the planet. I don’t always pick up after myself right away. My dirty clothes can occasionally lay on the floor of the closet for a day or two before making it into the hamper. I know this makes no sense… what is the

To Scoop, Or Not To Scoop

When I was really young, we had a dog. Unfortunately she died when I was only 6 years old, but being the young age I was, I didn’t have a lot of responsibilities when it came to the dog. Or responsibilities for anything really. I went to school to learn basic stuff, did some pretty

My Nightly Conflict

There seems to be an issue between my Lady Friend and I.  This is something I first recognized years ago when we started dating but it kind of went away and didn’t seem to be a problem.  Then when I moved in with her in 2010, it appeared once again. For the first six months

Lousy Parents Ruin Easter Egg Hunt

Last year, a few parents were unhappy that their kids were not finding as many eggs as some other snot-nosed kid, so they started hopping the ropes and going and grabbing the eggs themselves. Of course once other parents realized their kid was getting his egg taken by some big dopey parent, THEY hopped the

Home Is Where The Money Is

My Lady Friend and I started house hunting last week. We’re looking for a place to buy together. Right now we live in HER place. I still own the house I lived in before moving in with her, and am currently renting it out because trying to sell it in this crappy market would probably

I’m Making My Move

You know that old saying about a tree falling in the forest and no one there to hear it?  Well I have my own question: Question:  If a blogger intends to post a blog… but doesn’t actually do it…  does it deserve any readers? Answer:  No. I have been so freakin’ busy lately that I