Have you ever seen the reality show Gold Rush?  It’s on the Discovery channel and is about a bunch of guys trying to find gold in Alaska.  It’s an entertaining show – partly because these guys have the worst of luck.  If anything can go wrong, it does and they don’t find gold very often.

If you’ve seen The Soup with Joel McHale on occasion, you know that they have fun with Gold Rush – particularly all ways you could turn the things they are saying into some kind of dirty innuendo.  Last season these wanna-be miners spent a lot of time digging in a Glory Hole where they thought gold was buried.  Glory Hole is a funny term no matter who says it, but when it’s repeatedly uttered by a little old man on a bulldozer, it’s innuendo “gold” for a show like The Soup.

And to make it even funnier, the dude saying it is named Jack Hoffman.  Seriously, that’s his name.  His parents must have been real assholes.  Say his name a few times fast if you don’t catch my drift.

Jack Hoffman, contemplating his glory hole.

This season they moved away from the Glory Hole but that doesn’t eliminate all the innuendo.  In a recent episode I jotted down a few things they said that made me giggle like a school boy:

“It doesn’t take much to plug an 8 inch hole.” 

Umm…  really??

 ”I’m like a fat Batman and he’s like my broken down Robin.”

He definitely had the fat part right.

“When I do this kind of stuff my body starts to swell up.”

And that’s a bad thing?

“If I can get three or four loads out… that would be nice.”

That sounds about right for me.  Wait, you’re talking over the course of a month right??

I know…  I am juvenile.  It’s the way I’m wired.  A true Simpleton.

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