The other day I was enjoying an ice cream cone – as one should do. It’s one of my favorite foods, truth be told.

And as I was finishing it, I had a memory come flashing back. Does that ever happen to you? You’re doing something routine, and are suddenly reminded of a memory from your youth – maybe something you haven’t even thought of in years. It’s like stumbling through a doorway in the long, dark, dusty hallway of your distant memories.

The cone I was eating was one of those kinds that comes to a point at the bottom. On a side note, those cones are annoying as hell. You can’t even set them down. What are you supposed to do if you have to quickly answer the phone, scratch yourself, fry an egg or box the clown. That’s not a masturbation euphemism – there is a clown in my neighborhood with a mean right uppercut.

Anyway, I was finishing up the cone the other day and this memory pops into my head. When I was a kid eating those pointy cones, I would sometimes hold them up and bite off the very bottom tip. Then as the ice cream melted and slowly dripped out I would eat it from the bottom.

I tried to explain what I used to do, to my Lady Friend. Unfortunately the cone I was eating was gone so I didn’t have a way to visualize the concept, and it wasn’t getting through to her. So I had to mime what I would do with the cone after biting off the bottom tip.

The Lady Friend is more creative than I am, so she depicted what she THOUGHT my childhood ice cream experience must have looked like:

As you can or can’t tell by the drawing, what I was doing to mime slurping ice cream out of a cone gave her an entirely different picture than what was intended.

And after seeing her intrepretation I can only imagine what it looked like I was doing in our living room, while trying to tell her the story. My innocent childhood memory was turned into a cheap, dirty laugh.

Hard to blame her… I would have done the same thing.

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