The other day I sent out a tweet begging for a topic to write about on my blog.
I got a few funny responses, including someone asking me to write about how to juggle three women at once. Don’t read that wrong and get me in trouble with the Lady Friend… I’M NOT dating three women. HE is, and he needed help!

I am not sure I can help with that. At one point in my I tried to juggle two and it didn’t work very well, I’m just not that good at being sneaky.

Don’t worry, I wasn’t in a committed relationship with either of the girls I was hanging out with, so I wasn’t cheating. I am not a cheater – that is not my thing. If you don’t want your partner to cheat on you, then DON’T cheat on them! Makes sense right?

Someone else responded to my tweet saying I should write about not having anything to write about. Which is interesting. Reminds me sort of writing about nothing… very Seinfeld-esque if you ask me. If you write a blog post about nothing, and no one is there read it, does it even exist? I just blew your mind didn’t I?

But the whole tweeting for post topics thing reminded me of something… a few weeks back I asked for your questions, so that I could put together an “Ask Simple Dude” blog post. I got some great, funny questions and started to write a blog post about it but got distracted by work, social life, other posts, etc and it was left on the back burner.

So…. this week I am going to finish that post. Meanwhile there is still time to send me a question if you’d like to get one in. If I get too many I’ll split them into two posts.

Keep in mind I am a smart ass and will most likely give you a smart ass answer. But hey, that’s why you’re here right???

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