I know I have been delinquent here lately, so I haven’t had the chance to share with you all the wonderful, amazing, funny things that happened to me over the holidays. Well, actually nothing wonderful, amazing or funny has happened to me. It was a pretty damn boring holiday season – partly because I had to work so much.

But as I have mentioned, we did get a dog about a month ago. She is an older dog, 6 – 7 years old. We got her from a rescue group so they are not 100% sure her exact age. But we are very happy. She’s a Cocker Spaniel / King Charles Cavalier mix and very low maintenance…. unlike me.

Her not needing a ton of attention is perfect for us. The Lady Friend and I work full time, with her also going to school part time one night per week. And I sometimes work late, even in our slower times of the year. So a dog that isn’t overly needy is just what we were looking for.

Part of that could be the dog’s age, part of it could just be an independent streak. Whatever. It works for us and I’m not going to question it! After long in depth conversations with the dog she has chosen to remain anonymous, just like me. So I will be referring to her as “My Four Legged Friend Who Poops Outside” in blog posts. Maybe I should shorten that.

Despite her choosing to not reveal her name, she is by no means camera shy. So I’ll share occasional photos – and probably even videos when she does something interesting, which hasn’t happened yet. So far it’s been a lot of laying around and scratching herself.

She has figured out how to use email though – in fact, she emailed this photo of herself to my Lady Friend the other night after she left for her night class.

Incidentally, calling her my “Four Legged Friend Who Poops Outside” was NOT my first choice.

I wanted to call her “The Other Bitch In The House” but that was very unpopular with both the dog and the Lady Friend. Go figure.

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