Attention Simpletons… As I mentioned yesterday we have a special treat for today. A very rare occurrence indeed… a Guest Post. So here she is… my favorite female Aussie!

Whoo hoo, I am finally here on SD’s blog.

I can tell you, it took some stalking, but I finally sweet talked my way into repaying the guest he did for me here.

Only one problem, now I am here, I need to write something entertaining to an audience 10x what I usually write for. OK deep breath, no time for a little panic attack now.

Some of you might be wondering who the hell am I and where is the incredibly sexy SD?

No truth to the rumour that I have him locked in the cupboard after luring him with my famous cleavage chocolate brownies, really. It isn’t locked, and all he needs to do is loosen the ropes open the door and he will be out of there quick smart.

Sorry, what was that? Who am I? Well, for goodness sake, I am Mynx. I have a little blog called “Dribble” and I am an Aussie. I’m the one who got a bit worried that SD would be eaten by a bear when he went bush a while ago with Lady Friend.

You see, everybody tells me my country has some dangerous animals but they don’t eat people..OK maybe the crocodiles and sharks do, but that is only the silly tourists who ignore the signs. Let me tell you, the only time I have been injured by a native animal was when I was bitten by a brush tail possum. And that was only because he thought I was a bit of apple anyway.

That happened in Tasmania, on my honeymoon. Lots of encounters with native animals on that trip. Hubby nearly tripped over a wombat one evening on the way back to our luxury spa cabin.

We were married in September, (just celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary actually) and had chosen to holiday in the island state. We spent the first few days in an wilderness area called Cradle Mountain. The Cradle Mountain Lodge was at the time the main accommodation in the area, apart from some camping and some very expensive boutique type hotels.

I couldn’t believe it, when on our arrival, it was snowing. You see, I have seen snow, maybe 3 times total in my life. We just don’t get it where I am. (if you are thinking snow in September?? Remember.. southern hemisphere)

I made a snowman, a very little snowman. And threw handfuls of the stuff at my new hubby.

It was less entertaining the morning after when we had to get up very early to drive a distance to Strahan, a coastal town to take a river cruise. The car was covered in snow and it had to be cleared before we drove very carefully down out of the mountains. I still remember how excited I was to see the sun rising over snow capped pine trees. It felt like a scene from a European post card.

Each night, after dinner, the Lodge invited guests to gather on the porch, and would hand around trays of chopped up fruit. Then the entertainment began as these huge greedy possums would come out of the darkness to be hand fed. Unfortunately, they didn’t understand the words “all gone” and one particularly pushy creature, decided to try being a carnivore.

Let me just say, it hurt, it bled and hubby laughed his head off. (Very sympathetic man I married) I was equally sympathetic when he got kicked by an emu a couple of years later.

Hmmm, not sure if that last line helped my argument that Aussie animals are not that scary.

Oh oh, I think SD might be slipping out of the ropes wanting his blog back. This is where I quickly pimp myself again (hey I read his book, it is totally allowable) and invite you to pop over sometime and visit me.

You will find lots of pics of food and my art (I draw and paint), stories of my adventures, and even the occasional photo of koalas, kangaroos and other man eating marsupials. Oh and lizards….I love lizards..and spiders…..and bugs……..

OK, OK, I’m going….can I just mention the half naked firemen too? …… no? bother.

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