I need some advice.

No, I am not considering popping the question to the Lady Friend. We’re in a good place right now and are both happy with how things are. Why would we ruin with an actual commitment.

(that’s a joke… especially if she is reading this)

Oh, and marriage seems so expensive. I’m a cheap ass.

And no, I am not considering looking for another job, at least not this week. Things at work have been better – and I’ll be getting a nice fat bonus sometime in late Spring. I’m not about to quit before that… I’d have to be a real dumbass.

The advice I’m looking for is along the lines of me and my online identity – of lack of one. I’ve been blogging anonymously for about 18 months now and to this day I can say without a doubt that the only person in my offline world that knows about it is my Lady Friend. Our new dog TOWPO (The One Who Poops Outside) doesn’t even know about it. But frankly, she’s pretty self absorbed.

And I am in the process of writing a (hopefully) funny non-fiction book. I have hopes to get this thing done and published by mid summer. But long before that happens I have a decision to make. Who the hell am I going to say wrote it??

Blogging under some stupid name like Desculpa Eder is ok. But writing a non-fiction book that I hope to publish in old school BOOK form is not. I’m guessing it wouldn’t sell too well.

So the dilemma I have is this… do I use a completely new, but REAL sounding pen name? Like Joe Smith? Well, not that name exactly, it sounds like a shoe salesman. But you know what I mean.

Or do I bite the bullet and use my real name. I’d want to use this online personality and blog to promote the book – it only makes sense. I’ll set up a separate website for the book and let all of you know about it.

I’m guessing I won’t promote this blog FROM that site, however. So while if I went the real name route, you’d all learn my true identity but if people in my offline life found that site it wouldn’t be obvious to them that I am also Simple Dude. Or that Clarke Kent is also Superman…. so to speak. With a little work they could connect the dots though.

What do you think? Go with a real sounding pen name, which may make it tough to promote the book in my real life. Or go with my real name which leaves open the possibility of people figuring out my dirty little blogging secret.

I want to start designing and launch the new site within the next couple months… so I need to make a decision soon.

Your thoughts?

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