If you have been reading my blog lately you know that the Minnesota State Fair is going on right now, and the company I work for has some booth space at the fair, so I get the pleasure am forced to work out there a handful of days throughout the Fair’s 12 day run. am headed out there now, and I’m excited to have one of my favorite foods this morning, the breakfast crepe. I’ll tweet a photo of it I am sure.

And yes, I have already seen lots of the following:

– Families all wearing the same shirt
– Fanny packs – including some who wear one above their fanny and ANOTHER on their stomach
– Mullets – Dear God there are lots of mullets
– People riding motorized scooters – not because they are disabled or injured, but because they are too fat to walk

Gotta love the Fair.

As you probably read in my last post, our State Fair is famous for not only being the biggest in terms of daily attendance, but also having a wide array of new foods to try. Over the years things like deep fried candy bars, Mac & Cheese on a stick and deep fried Twinkies have all had their place in the State Fair sun. A lot of the food out there is good but there is some that is awful. For some reason I still try it anyway.

This thing is a chunk sausage and some scrambled eggs deep fried in pancake batter… then stuck on a stick. It comes resting in some maple syrup for your dipping pleasure. Sausage and eggs deep fried in pancake batter sounded good to me in theory… I love all three of those elements. But the sausage was processed crap and the eggs were almost non existent. About the only thing that was ok was the syrup.. but Aunt Jemima doesn’t screw up syrup so that was bound to be ok.

The Lady Friend is going to join me out there on of these days and we want to try another one of the new foods… Sweet Corn Ice Cream. You can choose different toppings, one of which is a bacon-caramel mix. Seriously!

I know this probably does not sound good to some of you… and I am not sure it sounds good to me either… but I am TOO DAMN CURIOUS to not try Sweet Corn Ice Cream. So look for a report on that – maybe next weekend!

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