It’s no secret that I don’t claim to be some high brow kind of guy. I dig sports, beer and boobs. And farts make me chuckle. It is what it is.

I’m a simple dude who is entertained by simple things. And one of those things is when you catch some dope on TV making a weird face. You see it all the time, particularly with news anchors. I’m telling you, next time you’re watching Mr. Cool news anchor with the perfect hair, hit pause on your remote. Guaranteed giggle.

What a jackass

I paused this guy a few weeks ago and snapped a photo. It looks like someone just told him his pecker is on fire.

This is not sophisticated humor by any means, but it works for me.

This next one is not a moment caught in time, but a mugshot that was on the TV news. You know how some people just LOOK like what they are? For instance, there is a stereotypical look a librarian has right? Or a lumberjack.. you expect them to be a big dude with a beard.

How about stalkers? Would you expect them to look a certain way? Damn right. You’d expect them to look EXACTLY like this guy:

If I saw this guy just walking down the street I would assume he’s stalking someone. He has to be. Either that or he’s a carnival ride operator scouting their next stop.

Now the challenge you face is not letting these two creeps find their way into your dreams later tonight.

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