I have a couple exciting things coming up… well, exciting for me anyway. Maybe you don’t give a shit! For one, I’m going to have another Amazon gift card giveaway in a few weeks. I have a milestone coming up in terms of the number of comments all you Simpletons have left on my blog and I’ll be giving the gift card to the person who leaves this milestone comment. I’ll get into more details on that next week.

The second big thing upcoming will be an e-book I wrote. Yep, I’ll be an e-published author soon. The book is (hopefully) a funny look at my experiences with this whole wild wacky blogging world and it will actually give you some very good tips on gaining followers and growing your blog… tips that you won’t see anywhere else – and ones I have used to help me get the number of followers I have.

And of course it’s written with my own brand of smart-ass snarkiness so it’s helpful AND entertaining! Don’t worry about cash… it’s going to be cheap – just like me. I’m hoping to get it up online at Amazon and Smash Words by July 1st, possibly sooner. Believe me, I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s available. Anyone want to write a review? Only good reviews allowed.

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