At an intersection near my house the other day, I saw a gorilla. At least I think it was a gorilla. It was supposed to be a dude in a Gorilla suit, but the suit looked pretty ratty to me. Kind of like a big stinky dog had been using it as a bed for a few months.

It reminded me of the gorilla suit guy in that movie Trading Places, and the real gorilla who gave him a little lovin’, not knowing it was just a suit!

Needless to say, I felt sorry for this guy.

He (or it?) was promoting a local sandwich shop. I know this because I could read his shirt – I couldn’t see the sign he was holding.

I’m sure the sign mentioned some special they had going on, but that seemed pretty boring to me.

This guy can’t be making much money. He or she is probably just another sandwich making teenage employee who drew the short and stinky gorilla suit straw that day.

To have a little fun with it, the gorilla should make it’s own sign.

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