My Lady Friend and I started house hunting last week. We’re looking for a place to buy together. Right now we live in HER place. I still own the house I lived in before moving in with her, and am currently renting it out because trying to sell it in this crappy market would probably bankrupt me. Then I wouldn’t have beer money… and we just can’t have that.

House hunting can be a stressful thing but it’s made somewhat easier by the fact that the Lady Friend and I share many opinions when it comes to the kind of place we want. We’d like a nice backyard with some privacy, not a place with another house right on top of ours.

If there is another house behind us, it would be nice to at least have a little distance, a fence, some trees or something. I don’t want to see some sweaty guy sitting on his deck in his underwear every morning. That neighborhood role is reserved for me. And it would look awfully funny to have two of us sweaty guys in our underwear staring at each other across our backyards. No thanks.

We also want a nice open floor plan with plenty of natural light. And we like bigger kitchens with lots of counter and cabinet space. Those are all “must have” things that her and I agree on. Then we each have some lesser wants that are important to each of us, but not necessarily deal breakers. For instance, I have both a car and a truck, and she also has a car. So we’d ideally like a 3-car garage, but if the driveway is big enough a 2-car garage would probably work.

Beyond that we’re pretty flexible! We did see a house last night that we liked a lot… we’re just unsure if it’s worth what the people are asking. I did look up the sales history and they bought the house 8 years ago for about 40% more than what it’s listed at now. But that’s because the market sucks now. Duh. I’m not sure if they are upside down on their mortgage or not – though if they are I doubt they’d be selling. In the next few days we’ll have to decide if it’s worth putting in a low ball offer, and see what they say.

Wish us luck… i’m sure I’ll update all of you on our search and ultimate purchase! If I throw a big ass house warming party would you come? Marshmallow peeps are on me!

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