Remember back when I posted about my job, and how I had gotten so damn good at it that things were getting boring? Now… not so much. I mean, I am still good at what I do. But now there is just so much more TO do.

Last week we got some news at work that basically launched our company into an extremely busy period that will last into mid January or so. Yikes! The upside: at least I’m not bored and time is flying by at work. Who would have thought the days would go a lot quicker when I’m working, then when I’m bored, surfing p0rn.

I guess this means I won’t be finding a new job soon – which is ok. I enjoy what I do and where I work – even when there is actual WORK TO DO.

On top of that, the Lady Friend and I got ourselves a dog. At least for now. She is a rescue and we’ve got her for a few weeks to determine if she’s right for us to adopt permanently.

So far so good, although after being here for about 48 hours now she’s having a tough time adjusting to the change and we’ve had a tough time getting her to eat her food – we’ve tried three different kinds. But from what I have read that isn’t unusual for dogs going to a new home.

We’re leaning towards keeping her, pending a vet checkup to be sure she’s healthy. The dog is still undecided about whether or not she wants to remain anonymous like me. If not, I’ll share her name and photos! Personally I’m just looking forward to having someone to blame my gas on.

What does all this mean to you? You won’t be subjected to as much of my blog idiocy as you are used to. I’ll still write some bullshit here on occasion, but may have to cut back to just a couple times per week.

In the meantime I may sneak a couple guest posters in as well… if you have anything really, really interesting to write about let me know. I may toss you the keys to this joint for a day.

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