I can admit to not being the cleanest or neatest person on the planet. I don’t always pick up after myself right away. My dirty clothes can occasionally lay on the floor of the closet for a day or two before making it into the hamper.

I know this makes no sense… what is the point of dropping clothes on the floor instead of putting them in a hamper? I can’t explain it. I can’t even blame laziness as the freakin’ hamper is sitting right there in the closet.

I’m not a slob or anything, we actually keep our house looking nice. But my Lady Friend will still get on my case about my crap now and then because she is a neater person than I am.

That is, except for one area of the house: the sink. And it can drive me nuts.

Instead of putting the dishes right into the dishwasher, she’ll leave them in the sink. Normally this isn’t a big deal, but the dishes she leaves have various forms of food left on them. Including ketchup, pasta, melted cheese or cereal. All types of food that tend to dry up and cling to the plate or bowl like some industrial glue meant to hold the space shuttle together.

If it gets this bad, I’m outta here.

Oh and just so you know, I am the one who generally loads the dishwasher. So I am the one who has to deal with this dried, crusty food. I have given her shit about her dish habits before but haven’t been too serious about it because she does do more cleaning then I do. Plus she is a neat person in just about every other area of the house.

I guess I am afraid if I make a stink about the stinky dishes, she’ll make a stink about the stinky bathrooms that she cleans.

So…. I keep my mouth shut, like any smart dude would do.

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