I think I mentioned this last week… I’m heading out of town with the Lady Friend tomorrow morning. We’re going “up north” as Minnesotans like to say. Actually, Minnesotans would say “Up Nort Der, dontcha know.” That’s a joke. We don’t all talk like slack jawed yokels… just some of us.

The Lady Friend and I are road trippin’ it to the North Shore of Lake Superior.

And no, I won’t actually be jumping in the lake. Even though the air temperatures could be in the 80’s in July, Lake Superior is a bit too cold for swimming.

In case you didn’t know, Lake Superior is a big ass lake. I mean a BIG ASS lake. It’s the biggest fresh water late in the entire world. Sometimes I make shit up, but not that, it’s 100% true. The north shore has some of the most scenic areas of Minnesota. Looking out onto the lake is similar to looking at an ocean. Remember, it’s really damn big. But going inland from the lake along much of the north shore you find the closest things we have to mountains here in MN. Rivers with whitewater rapids and big waterfalls make their way down from these pseudo mountains flowing into the lake.

All this put together makes for a very picturesque mini-vacation. I’ll share some of the photos with you next week. This will mark the 4th time the Lady Friend and I have gone up there in the… uhh… lets see… 31+ months we’ve been dating.

I’ve written and scheduled a couple posts in advance this week, so that you can still get regular doses of my madness.

I’ll bring my laptop and we have wifi at the resort we’re staying, so I may check comments and Twitter on occasion. But this is not a sit around on the laptop kind of trip. It’s an active calorie burning, hiking and biking during the day, then getting good and stinking drunk at night kind of trip.

I love it!

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