I have have zero time at a PC or a laptop for days now. My life this week has been a mixture of screaming, demanding kids, lack of sleep, poor life choices, and a sick wife. The poor life choices were mine and involved alcohol (as 99% of shitty choices are), reminding me why I’ve abstained for the last few months. It’s self-control, people, or lack thereof. I don’t have it. If you watch me drink, or spend money, or “snack” before bedtime, it will become apparent why I’m poor and slightly pudgy around the edges. Or at least it becomes less of a surprise.

Anyway, as a consequence, very little action has occurred on my blog for almost a week. To make up for this, I promise I’ll spend more time tending to my grubby little corner of the internet, and all you have to do is read the thing. That’s a fair deal? Right?

Ok, I’ve got to go feed and bathe my kids, clean the house, then pick up my poor, sick wife from the hospital. All in all a pretty rock star way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Woohooo!!!

And because you guys loved the hamsters so much, here’s a kitten being super-cute (‘cos he thinks he’s a people):

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