His name is Scott Anetsberger, and he has become my newest, least favorite person on earth.

I have a long history of having a least favorite person on earth. It’s a position that no one person is able to maintain for long because some other jackass usually comes along to claim the throne.

Going all the way back to high school, various ex girlfriends of mine have achieved this status. As have former bosses, college professors and a handful of celebrities. For brief moments the top of that list even has included morons I come across on the highways during my commutes to and from work. I hate lousy drivers.

But the latest on that long illustrious list is Scott Anetsberger of suburban Chicago. I have never met Scott, and probably never will. So what has he done to piss me off? He won the $1 million Illinois Lottery Merry Millionaire game… whatever the hell that is. He says he’ll pay some bills and pay for his kids college tuition with the money. That’s fine, whatever. Seems boring to me, but he can do what he wants… it is his money.

But you don’t rise to the top of my list of least favorite people for winning a lottery. Sure I am jealous of those people but someone has to win. No, what Scott did is a little more special than that. He won the EXACT SAME lottery game about nine years ago – another $1 million prize.

So this greedy prick has now won two separate $1 million lotteries in the last decade, and here you and I sit holding losing tickets time and time again. How does he rate? Sure, my dislike for this goofy looking dude it petty and somewhat selfish. But that’s my prerogative. After all, he is MY least favorite person – not yours.

I imagine by Monday I will have come up with a newest, least favorite person in the world… any suggestions?

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