There seems to be an issue between my Lady Friend and I.  This is something I first recognized years ago when we started dating but it kind of went away and didn’t seem to be a problem.  Then when I moved in with her in 2010, it appeared once again.

For the first six months of living together we were able to laugh about it, assuming it would go away in time.  But lately I am starting to think there is a fundamental compatibility difference between us that may never go away, forcing one of us to make compromises that go against our beliefs.

Our DVR habits are completely different.

I may not be the most organized person in other areas of my life (my desk at work could audition for an episode of Hoarders) but when it comes to my DVR I do things strictly by the book.

Story of my life…

Here is what I mean…  when it comes to the episodic shows I watch regularly, I scroll down to watch the oldest show in the list first, always watching programs in chronological order.  So in other words I watch shows recorded on Monday before I’ll watch shows recorded on Wednesday.  I have to, it’s the way I’m wired.

And if I get behind and have two episodes of one show recorded and only one of another, I have to watch one of the two episodes I recorded, before watching the single one regardless of the days they were recorded.  Following me?

My Lady Friend on the other hand will open the DVR list and choose which show to watch all willy-nilly style based on what she feels like.  Sometimes that’s the oldest show, sometimes it’s a show that was just recorded an hour ago.

This is all well and good for the shows we each watch separately, but we watch at least half the shows we record together….  and it always leads to remote control drama.

Before you start ripping on me, I know that I am the weird one here.  It would be better to be able to just watch whatever the hell I want, but it’s not who I am.

Even though much of my life is chaotic, spontaneous and spur of the moment, my TV watching is not.  I just HAVE to watch my shit in order.

It is what it is.

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