I’m half-assing it this weekend once again. But even my half-ass posts are at least a quarter of what a normal bloggers posts are right?

Wait, my math may be a little off… start with a normal blogger and their typical post. Divide that by a half-assed weekend’s worth of being lazy and watching some football. Add in a a fifth of whiskey, multiply that by a half order of chicken wings and subtract a few pints of beer… then carry the one… hmm…

Yep – that math works!

Today we’re going back to that stupid catalog we get in the mail. Last weekend I showed you those moronic shelf signs, and added my own moronic sayings. And according to all of your comments, I should actually go into business selling my moronic saying signs!

Today I have a new item to share that you can buy from this stupid catalog. It’s cheap, practical AND stylish!

The “Little Black Dress Apron” can be yours for less than $10.

This isn’t your standard kitchen apron. It’s far better than that. According to the catalog, you can “Protect your clothes while entertaining guests & still look stylish!”

I know the biggest concern women have while preparing meals for their families is looking stylish. Or at least it may have been in 1958. This is some real “Leave It To Beaver” shit right here.

It even has “faux pearls” along the neckline! You really can’t make something like this up.

Now I could see people buying this as a gag gift, or maybe even using it in an “ironic” sense. But this catalog is not a gag gift catalog. It’s full of items they seem to think are practical for the average person. Which tells me they actually are expecting women to buy and use these aprons to look “stylish” while slaving over a hot stove making meatloaf for their hungry lazy families.

Isn’t this a bit sexist? Seriously! I am a dude. I haven’t worn an apron in the kitchen in at least a few years…

(or so I’d have you believe)

But I’d like to get some of your opinions on this one. First of all, would you buy this to actually wear yourself – and not as a joke? Maybe I am completely off base on this and this is something women would wear… ? No?

And if you wouldn’t buy it yourself, does it not strike you as being sexist? A lot of the stuff they sell in these catalogs seems to be aimed at women, and very few items they sell are presented in a humorous manner. So it’s odd to me they would sell something that seems sexist.

What are your thoughts?

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