How To Disappoint A Close Friend

Have you ever found yourself in an amazing situation where the stars all seemed to align in the perfect way, only to have them slip through your fingers at the last minute?  We’ve all been there, surprised at how things seem just TOO perfect.  When things seem too good to be true?  They usually are.

Why Can’t Road Rage Be Funny?

Do you ever have road rage? I am mostly a calm, cool and collected dude.. but I’ll admit, on a rare occasion, sometimes an asshole can get me a little hot under the collar while I am driving. The other day that is exactly what happened to me. I think I got the last “laugh”

A Post About Nothing?

The other day I sent out a tweet begging for a topic to write about on my blog. I got a few funny responses, including someone asking me to write about how to juggle three women at once. Don’t read that wrong and get me in trouble with the Lady Friend… I’M NOT dating three

I Am A Magnet For Morons

Do you have a special talent? Something you do better than all your friends? For a long time I wasn’t sure if I had one. I have a friend who is a great guitar player. I have another friend who can fix anything on a car… a regular grease monkey. But I’ve never had that

Ye Olde Half Arsed Post

I’m half assing it again today… I scored some free passes to the local Renaissance Festival from my work and the Lady Friend and I went and checked it out on Saturday. She had been a few times in recent years but I hadn’t been to the Renaissance Fest in at least 10 years. It

An Aussie Trapped Me In My Cupboard

Attention Simpletons… As I mentioned yesterday we have a special treat for today. A very rare occurrence indeed… a Guest Post. So here she is… my favorite female Aussie! Whoo hoo, I am finally here on SD’s blog. I can tell you, it took some stalking, but I finally sweet talked my way into repaying

Random Thursday Thoughts

I have a few random thoughts to throw your way today – plus a pimp for my Sprocket Ink article this week. Occasionally I’ll throw out a Random Thought Thursday when I have some dumb ideas bumping around in my head that aren’t worthy of their own post….. I tweeted about this the other day…

Deep Fried Fantasies

If you have been reading my blog lately you know that the Minnesota State Fair is going on right now, and the company I work for has some booth space at the fair, so I get the pleasure am forced to work out there a handful of days throughout the Fair’s 12 day run. am

The 10th Caller Gets… Nothing.

I have a special treat for you today and tomorrow… sort of a different take on the He Said, She Said thing. As I’ve said before, I used to work in radio. For a few years I was in the on-air side of the business, working as a radio DJ. I have written a couple

Here Comes The Bride… Or Does She?

Yesterday was Wednesday, which means I posted over at Sprocket Ink. The subject this week was something I know absolutely NOTHING about… Weddings. I have never been married. I have been in some long term relationships that at that time I thought would lead to marriage. Thank God they didn’t. Currently I am in a