Do you ever start a blog post with nothing to write about? Just open the page and start typing with hopes at some point, somehow you’ll discover a topic worth writing about? Yep, that’s me right now.

I could write about what I have been up to lately, but i’ve been so busy with work that there hasn’t been time for much else. The most interesting thing I’ve done lately is buy new shoes. Thrilling huh?

I could write about a funny story from my past… I do have lots of those stories, having shared a number of them here. But I haven’t been in a real “looking back” kind of mood lately. Maybe I’m getting old.

None of those things really interest me right now. But I do have an idea, one I’ve considered for awhile… posting really bad music videos – particularly the ones made for good songs. You’ve seen videos like these – usually from the 80′s. Songs that are not terrible and sometimes even decent. But the videos made for them are absolute horse shit. Embarrassing for the artists at best, painful for us to watch at their worst.

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