This weekend was interesting. No, I didn’t see the latest Twilight crap. I know lots of you enjoy those movies… but I refuse to see any of them. I’d rather spend two hours trying to eat my own foot.

This weekend was interesting for weather reasons as Saturday kind of sucked here. It started snowing around noon and continued off and on into the night.

It wasn’t a ton of snow, just a few inches. This is Minnesota, we can handle snow so a couple inches is no big deal. However this was the first snowfall of the year, and it was an icy one – lots of slippery roads.

And what does any sane person do when it’s snowing and icy? They go out for a drive! Or at least the Lady Friend and I do anyway. So that’s what we did. Being the weekend before Thanksgiving it was pretty busy, which always irritates me. Crowded places piss me off, it’s just the way I am.

So we spent a shit load of money on some groceries and other stuff we needed, plus some stuff we didn’t need. But that’s what happens at Target.

What looks like snow is actually a mix of ice pellets and snow. Even with my four wheel drive I was still slip-sliding around the parking lot. It was fucking awesome.

On the way home we had to make another stop. Note the neon sign at the top left of the photo. Here in Minnesota we have some stupid laws, and one of them is that you can’t buy booze or wine at Target or similar stores, or any grocery stores. Only at separate liquor stores.

We happen to have a liquor store a few blocks from our house, and they were having a big wine tasting event. You know I’m going to take advantage of that! We tasted and we bought… booze, wine and beer. We really loaded up.

After that, all I wanted to do was sit on my ass for the rest of the evening – which is exactly what I did. And Sunday I didn’t leave the house at all. By the way? Sunday was a nice, bright sunny day without a single cloud in the sky.

That figures.

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