Every once in a while I defer to my Lady Friend to write a blog post for me… partly because I am lazy and partly because she is funnier than I am. She should be writing her own blog, but she has very little free time between a full time job and taking classes at night.

And her classes are the inspiration for this short and sweet post… in particular, the dreaded “group project” that her school is fond of handing out. Enjoy!

I cringe every time I hear “group project”. Whether it’s at work or at school I always end up with a bunch of fucktards. And not the smart ones either, if there is such a thing. No, I get the easily startled ones that stare at you with the “oops, I think I just pooped my pants” look on their face when you ask them for a suggestion.

I know I stress way too much about this stuff since I always assume it’s my ass on the line if things don’t get done on time and get done right.

Why can’t group projects work like they did in picking out teams in gym class? For group projects I’d pick all the smart, great work ethic, dressed-by-mom kids first. Leaving the one who’s left picking his nose and has an uncanny resemblance to Ralph Wiggum from The Simpsons to be picked last.

I’m sure many of you have encountered the group project in school or teamwork scenario at work at some point. If so, please share. I’d like to know if your experience ended with a group hug or a workplace massacre!

Thanks Lady Friend! Also, as an update for regular readers… or at least those who read my post on Monday: I will indeed be going to Eat At Chubby’s sometime soon to see what it’s all about – but I better do it VERY soon. The little hand-made sign was gone this morning! Hopefully that doesn’t mean the demise of Chubby.

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