What would we do without stupid celebrities and politicians? I mean, late night talk show hosts, bloggers, 140 character Twitter comedians and pretty much everyone else who enjoys making jokes at the expense of people at their lowest points would have to find their own material.

Thankfully we have an endless supply of these stupid celebrities and politicians. Before Anthony Weiner it was Arnold Schwarnzenneger. Before Arnold it was Charlie Sheen. And before him a whole string of idiots. Do you ever remember there NOT being some moronic celeb in the news? Do you think it’s even possible for us to go two weeks without a celebrity scandal? I doubt it.

And now with Anthony Weiner resigning we will get one last string of punch lines as he leaves office. I’m sure you’ve already seen some of the headlines and pseudo headlines…

This guy is a punch line goldmine. Ok, I pretty much made those up myself but you get the idea. I’ve had my share of fun with this jackass so I’m ready for him to fade away.

Rumor has it Larry Flynt (the dude who publishes Hustler magazine) has offered Anthony Weiner a job… seriously. He even offered to give him a 20% pay increase over what he made in Congress.

I doubt he’ll do anything with that. If the dickhead has any sense (puns always intended) he’ll just lay low, be quiet and go limp for awhile. Eventually we’ll move on to some other prick.

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