When I was really young, we had a dog. Unfortunately she died when I was only 6 years old, but being the young age I was, I didn’t have a lot of responsibilities when it came to the dog. Or responsibilities for anything really. I went to school to learn basic stuff, did some pretty basic household chores like keeping my room clean, then the rest of the time I got to play with my friends. Damn that was a good life!

My mom and dad did all the work when it came to our dog. She would crap all over the yard (the dog, not my mom) and periodically my folks would have to go around picking up the poop.

This was the late 70′s and one thing I don’t remember about dogs back then, was people picking up dog poop OUTSIDE their yards. While walking your dog down the street, in a park area or even your neighbor’s yard, if a dog pooped somewhere outside your yard that was considered a win – because it was one less you’d have to pick up.

But things have changed. With our dog TOWPO (The One Who Poops Outside) we have to bring plastic baggies with us anytime we take her out of the yard just in case she makes a little brown deposit.

I wonder when this change took place? It had to have been in the last 30+ years. When did we start caring about what our dogs were leaving behind? Don’t get me wrong – having park areas free of poop is a very good thing – no one wants to see all that “crap” about.

Though I have to admit something. We’re friends right? Good. We live adjacent to a large pond with walking trails that are part of a system of trails that go on for miles – perfect for taking the dog out.

But if I take TOWPO out for a late evening walk on these trails, sometimes I leave the poop bags at home. I have discovered that my likelihood of picking up after her is directly related to the amount of light in the sky. If it’s early evening and the sun hasn’t set I’ll stop & scoop. But if it’s dark and no one is around to see it, the poop probably stays put.

I know what you’re thinking – I’m not doing my part to keep the neighborhood beautiful. Fortunately for my neighbors I don’t take the dog out late at night very often. But it is what it is.

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